3 Great Travel Photography Display Ideas

Personally, the travel experience is not only about the journey but also about creating a setting at home that reminds me of the memories that were created while on those adventures and who it was with. I have found over the last few years that my group of friends has changed so much that looking back, you forget quickly about certain people and only seeing the photos reminds you of them again.

Take for instance a wedding, I can say that about 40% of those invited to my wedding are no longer around. Most have moved away but mostly just because life changes and so do your interest. This applies to travelling as well. I have been on a number of adventures (I am quite social when I travel) where I have met people and got on really well with them but because you do not see them again, they are quickly forgotten. This is where photos and videos are such great tools to relive the memories.

But how do we capture the memories without it becoming an overbearing and interfering exercise as has become the case very often these days. I recently wrote an article called “Smartphones – Improving the adventure” that deals with the balance of photos and videos and the holiday experience. It s a very sensitive tops as nobody likes to be told that they have a problem with their phones but that exactly what a lot of us have today, a phone and camera addiction.

The second part of the issue is once you have these amazing photos, what do you do with them other than uploading them to Facebook or Instagram. Well I would like to share with you the 3 ways I currently do this in my own home and I really hope this provides some inspiration for you to do this in your own home.


Electronic Photo Frames


Electronic photo frames have come a long way in terms of the size and quality of the displays. There are so many types, makes models and resolutions to choose from whereas only a few years ago, there was only a handful. There are a couple of key considerations when looking to purchase one of these:

  1. Screen Size
  2. Resolution
  3. Design
  4. Motion sensors
  5. Storage capacity

When deciding to purchase a picture frame, the size should always be the first consideration. The size is not the overall size of the unit including the housing but rather the screen size which often ranges from approx. 8 -17 inches with the option of either a standard or wide screen design.

The resolution like with any display is important as the quality of the photos can be greatly affected by this. The resolution is also linked to either LCD or LED screen options which are all available.

The overall design relates to the plastic screen housing that includes the mounting options as well. The design will differ for those meant to be wall-mounted as compared to free-standing and one should take this into account before making a selection. The frames are also manufacture in a range of different colours so there is plenty to choose from.

The new generation frames have an integrated motion sensor that activates the frame when someone enters the room. It does prolonged the screen life and reduces the energy consumption so this is a nice feature to have.

Frames are either manufactured with onboard storage or there is a possibility to load the photos to either a card or stick and just plug it into the back. The software will access the information provided it is in the correct format and cycle through it with little input from you.

It’s important to take photos with the highest quality setting possible as any low quality photos will be displayed as pixelated similar to how old films look on new 4k televisions. Many new units make video playback an option so HD or higher videos are also recommended ensuring the best quality when being displayed.


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Global Scratch Map


I loved this idea from the moment I saw it. The concept is very simple in that you receive a print of the globe with a type of foil Travel Scratch Mapprinted over each country. As you travel the globe, use either a coin or something sharp to remove the foil over the country you have returned from and mount it to your wall.

This is a living art piece as it will develop throughout your life and travels as you journey to new places. I found that I needed 2 of these as I have a professional travel scratch globe used only for work/my life prior to being married and one that I use together with my wife to show where we have been together.

There are so many options, colours and styles available that there is something that will satisfy everyone personal preferences or decorative requirements.


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Travel Books


This idea I actually got from an older couple that had spent their lives touring the world, ranging from 3 months in a camper driving across Australia to the annual night-time Malaysian Grand Prix, this couple has done it all. When I walked into the study in their house, they have complete wall dedicated only to travel books. While our modern age no longer needs these books as we have electronics and blogs to read up where to go and what to do, this is still a fantastic feature for your home.

I started collecting these travel books in the same fashion more aimed at displaying them like a library than to be used in the traditional sense. I have tried to purchase them all from the same manufacturer to keep the overall look the same.

I found the DK Eyewitness series to be beautifully illustrated and well written should you wish to use them to research the destination you are travelling to. The series covers all major tourist destinations with some providing a broad overview of a country and others being city specific for a really in depth guide.


A Final Word


Whatever method you choose to display your adventures, the idea should be to remind yourself of the people in your life that might no longer be there or the special moments you have shared with loved ones.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know what unique way you display your travels by leaving something in the comments section, I would love to hear from you.

Till next time……….






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6 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    We’ve opted for electronic photo frames for our home after seeing my parents using two in their living room filled with images from their trip to Greece – they really do work well and the options for transitions between each image are very advanced and professional. 

    Never considered the Global scratch map before, although it looks a great idea – do they sell them on Amazon by any chance?

  2. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani says:

    Pretty amazing idea, this is so important because I have found that storing photos in a phone or PC is good but not as good as it would be when the picture is nicely hanged on a wall, in a picture frame. I have many photos of my family that dates back 10 years ago and each time I look at them, they bring back a lot of good memories.  

    I had a lot of takeaways from your article, thank you so much 


    • Richard says:

      I have found the same thing. When looking at them on the computer it immediately brings back the memory but to have them displayed is so much better. This is when having a wife thats great at decorating helps alot!

      Thanks for leaving your personal experience.


  3. Fran C. says:

    I have always been horrible at collecting physical memories. 

    I never used to take photos, getting better now with 2 kids.

    I’m still horrible at keeping track of my photos and displaying them in the house. 

    The truth is that memories exist but they need to be recalled every once in a while.

    After reading your post I’m decided to try out all 3 methods. There’s more to travelling than just going to places, I want to keep those memories close.

    Thanks for this post!

    • Richard says:

      Hi Fran,

      I had the same issue where I took almost no photos but have over time developed a balance between living in the moment and taking photos.

      I am glad this has assisted with some ideas on how to display the memories.


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