4 Reasons to Buy Quality Travel Accessories

Nothing is more annoying than running out of power at a critical moment when using electronic devices. Ideally, people tend to place or leave a cable or variation adapter at each strategic location where these devices are used.

Take for example a mobile phone which most people have these days. Typically, one would find charger cables at the office, home and one that permanently resides in the car. This way, most of the often visited locations are covered in the case of an emergency recharge.

All things electronic tend to be expensive and charger cables are no exception. I have put together a list of 5 reasons why quality cables are recommended for your mobile device.


1. Protect Your Investment


Electronic devices such as mobile phones range from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars these days which would have been completely ludicrous just a few years ago. However, with the advancement of technology, some brands have now reached the stage that they are considered substantial investments and no longer just fashion statements.

For this reason, it’s important to protect your investment. You have invested in the device and now you want to buy cheap cables just so you have enough available? Please, the supporting accessories should reflect your concern in protecting your electronic investment by not exposing it to any harm.

Subsequent topics will touch on some risks that may be encountered if one purchases “cheap accessories”.


2. Quality Accessories does not only mean the Brand you Bought:


Mobile companies have a knack for changing their charger units just ever so slightly to ensure that the last model you had is no longer compatible with the newer model. However, the brands themselves also charge you a premium for their supporting accessories.

Looking to other reputable brands that support the brand you have purchased is important when searching for less expensive alternatives. Uncertified brands open up all sorts of possible quality issues that may negatively affect both the battery and/or functionality of your device.

I need to emphasize here again, the alternatives need to be reputable and need to have properly tested and certified their accessories to be considered as alternatives to the original brand manufacturer.

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3. Fast Charging vs Normal Charging:


The new age of fast charging has added a new dimension to be checked before purchasing supporting accessories. Two main aspects that need to be evaluated when it comes to chargers as the cable itself and the plug-in transformer unit.

  • Cable Specifications:

Think of the cable like a straw that you are drinking your favourite soft drink with. If you have a small straw, then you need to suck very hard to get the drink to your mouth, however if the diameter or gauge is larger, then you need to suck a lot less to get the same volume of soft drink to your mouth.

The same is relevant to the electronic world. If the cross-sectional area of the cable is too small, then the cable will not be able to pass enough current to the device to charge at the optimum rate.

A standard cable charging a mobile device will typically be designed to handle a 5v charge and should not be used to transfer a 9v charge on account of the different cross-sectional areas of the cable itself. If you have purchased a cable intended for a 9v charge then it will make little difference if you use it for a 5v charge as it will then be over designed for the application.

  • Plug-in Transformers/Adapters

The quality and amperage of the charge needs to be regulated from the wall socket correctly to prevent damage to the phone or other device.

The transformer plug-in and cable need to be properly paired to ensure that the volume and quality of the charge are properly delivered and received by the device. Delivering either 5v or 9v is key in making sure the charge is performed properly.


4. Unregulated Charge can Damage the Battery:


The same concept under cable specifications is applicable to the volume and the appropriate charge going to the battery.

Fluctuating currents and voltages are also required for a stable charge and to prevent the battery from being damaged. The transformer quality is important in delivering this reliable charge to the battery unit.

It’s important that the volume of charge being drawn never exceed the maximum amount permissible by the manufacturer. If this happens, the battery might suffer damage and/or malfunction resulting is a fire and/or personal injury. We tend to downplay these possibilities until this happens to someone we know or us directly.

Depending on the type of charger that has been selected, the charger should never exceed the 5v or 9v respectively as specified by the manufacturer. If the charger does not properly regulate these power values, the battery may take longer to charge or suffer damage as a result of an overcharge.

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Make an Informed Decision:


It may seem like a temptation to go to the local dollar shop and pick up some low cost charger cables for your awesome new device but be warned. While it might not happen to you and while you might get lucky and get off without any harm being done to your device, you might also not be so lucky. The results might be purely financial where you will need to replace just the device, however it could be a lot more severe. Personal safety is very difficult to quantify in financial terms and buying from certified or reputable brands is definitely worth it when it comes to your peace of mind.

So while I’m not saying that you need to buy only from the original equipment manufacturer, you should definitely buy from brands that are able to properly test and certify their products for the safety of you and your electronic devices.





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2 Responses

  1. Tim Brown says:

    Hey Richard- thanks for the real scoop on the risk of using unregulated chargers. I hear it a lot (especially when in an Apple store) how knock-offs and after market products can damage your devises. I always thought it was just a scare tactic for dealers of “certified accessories” to get you to overpay. Now I know. Thanks again for the great info on your site…I always learn a lot!

    • Richard says:

      Hey Tim,

      Thanks very much for your comment. I think buying specifically branded accessories is a little like taking out an insurance policy. Insurance is always a waste of money until the day you need it and then it is worth while. With accessories, the original equipment manufacture (OEM) does not always produce the best unit and there are a number of really reputable companies producing high quality accessories for the market. The main point of the article was that you have paid a lot for a very expensive piece of kit and it would be a very poor decision to destroy it over wanting to save a little on a decent charger.

      So while there is a lot of scare tactics out there to get you to buy from the OEM, you are not left without sometimes more reasonably priced alternatives that give you the same performance and reliability.

      I’m glad to read that you enjoyed my site and if there are other comments or questions don’t hesitate to drop me a message.


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