5 Tips for Purchasing Electronics Organizers


OK guys, so after reading my posts I’m sure you are well aware that I’m totally focused on solving this issue with our electronics because let’s face it, I’m tired of the chaos. So i have created my top 4 considerations when choosing an electronics travel organizer to suit my needs and lifestyle.


Size Matters – Bigger isn’t always better


No matter what you have been told in the past, in this case size does matter. You need to first look at how many accessories you want to travel with at any given time. It doesn’t help that you chose a travel case the size of a small bus with only one or two items rolling around in it as that’s just too impractical but it is equally silly to choose a travel pouch that you battle to fit a pair of earrings into.

Like with everything in this life, selecting the right size will require a little research into your personal habits and requirements. Lucky for you, I have taken some of the guess work out of mapping out what you need.


Analysing your Needs


So let’s start with your travel needs. There will not be a one size fits all so you will most likely need at least 2 travel bags or pouches. An electronic travel organizer for two weeks in Bali will have a few extras that may not be relevant or necessary for the daily commute on the subway.

  • Holiday travel:

There are two types of holidays in my opinion, the first being your all in, stay at a resort where power-points and reasonable WiFi connections are always available. This type of holiday will require mainly just the charger cables for your mobile phone, tablet and kindle with perhaps the addition of a travel plug to connect you to the wall socket.

Realistically speaking there will never really be that emergency time when power and connection to the network will not be available as you are located in a fairly stable bubble. This means that to carry along a lot of accessories to stay connected and powered would be largely unnecessary.

So in terms of the size of your travel kit, this would tend to be on the small to medium size as the amount of bulky power banks would be kept to a minimum.

Then there is the adventure holiday…..my kind of holiday. This kind of holiday is where you’re roughing it a little with adventurous unknowns where power sources may be hard to come by and WiFi even less likely to be active. This type of holiday requires a bit more preparation in the form of possibly multiple power banks to ensure that you have enough power between reliable points of recharge.

It is also important that if you have multiple power banks that you invest in a decent multi port plug that can charge all the power banks simultaneously when you do actually get an opportunity to. There is nothing more annoying than having to wait till one power bank is charged just to start the next one and so on.

It would be good to check your maps out to see more or less how many days you would be on the go to help you determine the needs in terms of power and how many power banks should be kept on hand in your electronics travel case.

  • The Commute:

This should be a relatively straight forward cable exercise. The longer commute trains generally have a USB port to stick your charger cable into to keep the power flowing and at worst they will have a standard wall socket that you will need a normal plug adapter for.

For commuting, depending on the distance of course, you should not need a power bank however, if you do want to reduce your risk to zero then have a look at some of the really cool credit card size power banks that include a 2500mAh power source more than capable of keeping you up and running in a bind.


What are the Essentials

OK this is where I went a little off track, I used to travel with like 3 chargers for my mobile……why did I do this, safety in numbers….who knows. The truth is, unless you loose the cable in transit, you will only need one per device. So don’t fall into the trap that I did and bring all that bulky stuff with as this will just be a total waste of space. So take it from me, find the newest cable and take that with. If the cable looks super worn and has been used by your dog a couple times as a chew toy, turf it out because you don’t want to take unreliable accessories with that might fail on you at any time.

So Let’s make a short list that are universal to your electronic travel organizer:

1. A decent pair of earphones. Nobody should be left stranded these days without your favourite beats to keep you company.

2. Charger cables. 1 per device will do, so make it a new one or at least the most reliable from the bunch.

3. Power banks. As discussed above, critically look at your needs and select the best size and quality to fit the bill.

4. Wall Socket plugs. These days there are amazing compact travel plugs that fit into the myriad of variations of sockets you will find though your travels so do yourself a favour and invest in a decent one.


Materials – What to consider when buying


This section is more related to personal preference and of course the budget you have allocated to this as it can get a little pricey.

There are many different materials that electronic organizers come in and it can

be a bit difficult to chose the right type. Let’s start with my Favourite, the classic leather case. This is always a winner in my books as it is stylish, hard wearing and is built to last a long time. It comes in a number of colours, sizes and configurations and you are always guaranteed to find the one that suits you if you have a bit of cash to invest.

The drawback with leather is that it won’t necessarily be water tight so if you’re going on an adventure holiday that will tend to be a little on the wet side then this may not be the most suitable option.

Synthetic materials are by far the best suited for wet weather holidays. Not only are some of them water tight but they can also be made out of some tough, hard wear canvas that will protect the case from dust, scratching and chafing. This is a big plus if you intend to keep this case for a long time so that after the first trip, it doesn’t look like it was dragged behind a bus through the length and breadth of the Sahara.

The last type that I want to talk about is those travel cases made out of Faux Leather. Unless you are planning on treating this like a princess, these materials will show wear quite quickly. The rigorous of travel demand good quality materials that can take a beating without showing it. So you can buy faux leather but beware and treat it well to keep it looking good.


No One Size Fits All


There is no one size fits all when it comes to electronic travel organizers. We all lead such different lives which requires essentially a custom solution to each persons needs and lifestyles. It’s important to buy an appropriately sized travel case and to always remember that you only get what you pay for. If it seems to cheap for the “quality”, your gut will most often be right.

So whether your the super adventurer or the club med lounge lizard, I hope this article shed some light on how to pick you’re next electronics travel organizer.





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6 Responses

  1. INGA says:

    Hi Rich,
    I love your ideas here in this article.
    In fact, its more than just holiday travel organisation, with so much work travel its such an important need.

    • Rich says:

      Hey Inga,

      Thanks so much for your feedback.
      This market is developing and changing so much as technology develops.

      Stay tuned for more reviews of some pretty exciting stuff.

      Thanks again.

  2. Rob says:

    Hi Rich 🙂 This is right up my alley because I love electronic gadgets. I am traveling soon and need a new power bank as you call it. But not only that I find that I have to pack more and more things every time I go away.
    I don’t care for big and bulky. A small wallet organzier is what I’m looking for. Can you suggest anything? Thanks!

    • Richard says:

      Hey Rob,

      Great question. In my experience I have found 2 feature being great improvements on the old brick type power banks.

      The first is the integrated recharge cable. I found it annoying to keep the power bank and cable rattling separately around in my bag and was really happy when models started coming out with integrated cables attached.

      I have attached a link below to Amazon where I got mine as an example of a 1500mAh unit. Its really not that expensive at $16 so you can either upscale it or just buy multiple units to meet your needs.

      The other question you had was regarding size and this is where they tech guys have made my day by bringing out the credit card size unit. This is exactly what you mentioned with the wallet size unit and it really is that compact.

      So if you buy the credit card size power bank with anintergrated cable then I recon you will have solved your problem of compact but still packing a punch.


      Let me know if this helped you and look forward to hearing from you again.


  3. Mike Viray says:

    Electronic devices have made trips much easier and more fun in the past few years, and electronic organizers are no exception. I myself have a softspot for gadgets and tend to bring one or more when on travel.

    I agree, powerbanks on trips with limited power connections are a must. Though I hope that as smartphones continue to evolve, battery technology does so too.

    • Richard says:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the comment. I totally agree with you, I really hope the tech companies invest more time in the future into battery technology as this seems to be a piece that seems to be lagging a little behind technological developments.

      Thanks again for leaving a comment.


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