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AirhelpI wrote some time back about this great product that is designed to assist with flight delay claims and how important it is to again emphasize for all you out there how important it is to claim when you experience delays or cancellations of your flights. 

How Much Money is Involved

Recently I received an email follow-up from AirHelp as part of their affiliates program with an amazing illustration of how much money is really involved in the claims procedure against the airline industry and here is the tabular representation for you.

Last Years Travel Disruption
No. of Passangers Eligible for Compensation
Money Owed to Passengers
British Isles
North America
South America

As you can see from this table, there is a wopping €350 million left over in unpaid potential claims from passengers that have suffered delays or flight cancellations. So why are so few people claiming this money from the airlines? Well, this can largely be attributed to ignorance of what your rights are in terms of the Montreal Convention that was established to regulate consumer rights for delayed and cancelled flights.

Airlines are not obligated to make consumers aware of their rights or procedures for claiming compensation and let’s face it, it’s not in their best interests to do so as they would then be loosing money. According to AirHelp, €443m was left behind this time last year in unpaid potential claims by travellers.

Firstly: Know Your Rights

There are 6 main types of claims that you as a traveller could potentially submit to the airline:

  • Flight Delays ClaimThe Montreal Convention 1999
  • Flight Cancellations Claim
  • Missed Connections Claim
  • Overbooking Claim
  • Denied Boarding Claim 
  • Delayed Luggage Claim

The interesting part is that should you have experienced any of these problems within the last 3 years, it is still possible to submit a claim against the airline you flew with. There are some thresholds that applied, by that I mean if the delay is say for 10 minutes, this claim does not qualify.

There are 2 main considerations that are taken into account when calculating the claim value. The first one consideration is the time impact on the traveller and the second one is the distance of the flight. The longer the delay and the longer the flight distance equates to a large claim compensation value. Delay claims generally start from 3-4 hours delays and work their way up from there. The claims range from around 250€ to a maximum of 600€ depending on these factors.

~~Click here to read more about Airline Claims and your Rights as a Consumer~~

Secondly: What Do I Need to Claim

It important that you keep you boarding passes from you travels to have all the details handy when you need them. The website will ask you to fill out you departure and destination to check you eligibility.

A world of caution, never sign any document that the airline gives you to sign that waives you right to claim. You might feel obligated to if they have already compensated you in other ways such as vouchers or hotels but do not sign that document. By doing so, you will be unable to claim any further compensation in the future which will not benefit you in the long run.

Thirdly: The Claim Process

This is a 3 step process where:

  1. The initial eligibility is checked to make sure you claim qualifies once it is submitted on the AirHelp website
  2. Additional information of incident are requested such as inclement weather or safety concern
  3. Finally, the website will require you to submit you travel documentation as proof that you were on that flight

Give it a Try

There is nothing to lose here other than the small amount of time needed to fill in the forms. Any delay you can think of that happened in the last 3 years could qualify to give you cash back in you pocket and all you need is your flight details to check if you qualify. 

So click on the AirHelp link and submit your information for a no cost or obligation evaluation of your claim and see if you qualify for compensation. That might be the bump you need to start planning your next great adventure. 

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16 Responses

  1. Coach says:

    Really!!! I never knew that. So many times I could have claimed. My friends and relatives as well. Where was this information hiding all this time. I truly enjoyed reading this article. Very valuable information about the amount of money we are leaving on the table for the airlines to put back into their coffers. I would have thought that for such occurrences where claims were possible, at least a representative of the airline would give you a hint. Great job with this article. 

    • Richard says:

      I don’t think they are at all interested in assisting passengers get more money from them in all honesty. I hope you can still claim, give it a try and see.


  2. smarthomekitchen says:

    Hello Richard. This is the first time I encounter AirHelp and surely it will be of great assistance in case something unwanted things happen just as you have mentioned. Thank you as well for giving information about the process on how to claim if one instance a traveler is qualified. This article is very helpful for those who love to travel just like me. It will secure my journey thus having a smooth trip. Also, I will bookmark your page and share it with other travelers. Wishing you the best!

    • Richard says:

      Thanks for leaving some feedback and good to know that you have found value in the article. Knowledge is power.


  3. Paul Kely says:

    Hi, I read your article very carefully. I found some important information about AirHelp in your writing. As a traveler, we should know what we have the right to claim on the airline. Yes, you have presented these things very clearly. I think AirHelp helping us about this issues to get our rights Thank you very much for writing this article.

    • Richard says:

      Hi Paul,

      I am glad this has informed you of some of your rights to claim. Give it a try and see what comes of it.


  4. JJ says:

    Thank you Richard for opening my eyes today. I travel a lot and have had many delays and I always wondered if there could be any compensation, because I have missed connecting flights and scheduled meetings a few times. Now that I know, I will definitely be using the service. They owe me. 

    • Richard says:

      Hi JJ, 

      Well if it happened in the last 3 years then submit your details and claim from them. Good luck.


  5. Josie says:

    That’s an insanely huge number of dollars that people aren’t cashing in on! I’m actually in shock. But I guess it goes to show that when we don’t know our rights, we it is impossible to know what we can receive. Thank you so much for sharing this post – hopefully this will help bring that number down!

    • Richard says:

      Unfortunately, it is exaclty as you have summed it up. Knowing ones rights is so important in this case but there is no obligation by the airlines to tell people about it. I am glad this was helpful.


  6. Hendrik says:

    Wow that is a lot of unclaimed money. I do travel a bit but I guess I have been very lucky because maybe in Thailand we had a bit of a delay once but I guess we were in holiday mode so we don’t really care too much. Perhaps that is one of the reasons so much money is left on the counter? It is a great tip though and I will definitely make use of it next time it should happen to me. Thanks for the tip

    • Richard says:

      I agree that people might be less likely to claim when in the holiday mode however I believe the main reason is still ignorance as to how simple a claim submission can be. 

      Thanks for leaving a comment. 


  7. Taetske says:

    Good afternoon Richard,

    I should have come across your very helpful post a bit earlier. In 2016 I flew from Madrid to Paris, In Paris, there was a delay. On arriving in New York the connection flight to Denver had left. They put me in a hotel for the night. My poor better half who traveled from Idaho to pick me up in Denver nearly had a fit as I did not arrive. This was a rather nerve racking start of a lovely 3 weeks holiday in the U.S.

    In the future, I will certainly keep all the necessary documents to make a claim.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Richard says:

      Hello Taetske,

      That sounds terrible however if it happened in 2016, there might still be a chance to claim. If you are able to find the basic flight information, enter it into the site and see if you are still within the window period. You might be surpirsed.


  8. Chris says:

    I’m really surprised that this sort of knowledge has ‘slipped under the radar’ with respects to normal folk (like myself!). After reading your article I realise that I have been in a position to file a complaint on several occasions in the past! (we used to travel a lot!). 

    Thanks so much for this – it’s the type of info that the average Joe will never really get to read, so it’s important sites like yours put it out there! 

    • Richard says:

      Hi Chris,

      If you are within the 3 year window period, it might still be possible to claim. Thanks for leaving a comment.


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