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Welcome to my site and I hope you enjoy the content I am creating. This site is my personal travel blog and review of all things related to the travel experience. I have in the past and continue to travel a lot both professionally and privately which has enabled me to test many products which I want to tell you about. Some work so well I cannot travel without them but some have not lived up to their hype and I want to arm you with my opinion of both.

  • A little about why I chose this topic

There are so many products out there all promising to improve the travel experience but do all of them work and which ones are really essential to make the experience better. I will be reviewing products, writing about methods of packing or traveling that have benefited me and will be highlighting some of these less successful purchases or methods that are to be avoided.

I have included a section for my personal travel blog where I will be writing about my personal experience when traveling to certain countries or cities and what can be expected should you travel there. I have tried to include some Pro Tips into the blog to provide some clarity on things like travel, costs and other tips to make the adventure that much more memorable.

  • What’s in it for You

I, like you, want to experience everything this world has to offer and I want to bring that to you. I want to help you get more bang for your buck and provide the basis for a memorable adventure. I have included many links in my page to assist you with either purchasing the products/tickets or finding out more information on the places I have been or talked about.

I have invested considerable time into Google Maps, writing reviews and posting photos which I have included in the posts. Some of the posts include affiliate links that DO NOT COST MORE. These are paid for by the service provider and are not billed to the consumer. This is used to pay for the hosting of this site.

I hope you find value in this site and enjoy being inspired for your next adventure. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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