Inflatable Beach Loungers Review

Product Manufacturer: KyRush

Description: Inflatable Beach lounger

Product Range: Beach Lounger

Cost: $35 – $35

Quality Rating: 3/5

Value For Money: 4/5


You have your boardshorts, bikinis, sunscreen, towel and your favourite pair of sunglasses….all set for the beach? Well I thought so too until I discovered the Inflatable Beach Lounger. Yes you heard right. An inflatable beach lounger. My wife and I travelled to Koh Samui, Thailand in December 2017 to escape the incredibly cold winter weather here in Germany. Can you believe it that in November 2017 we had 11 hours of sunshine the entire month in Hannover, I was over the grey. Now provided I do originally come from South Africa where there is plenty sunshine, I have never been one that has been particularly affected by a lack of sunshine but, this was pushing the limits. Anyway, we decided on short notice that we needed a break from the weather and headed towards the sun.

We were in search of the turquoise water, white beach sand and sunshine…..well the beaches weren’t all that white soft sand that we expected. It was often more like the sand one finds in a pool filter which is great for exfoliating your feet but after a short distance this can get a little uncomfortable.

I had seen videos on YouTube advertising these beach loungers and I could not for the life of me understand why people would purchase these things until I took a chance, folded to popular opinion and bought one….it was the best thing ever. I no longer had a problem with sand on my towel, I could sit reading my Kindle comfortably for long periods without my neck going into spasm and best of all, we no longer needed to continuously buy drinks at the local beach bar just so that we would have a place to sit. It was an inexpensive solution that improved our vacation 100% and it can improve yours too.


Product Description:


There is nothing complicated about the product design. It consists of a canvas or nylon exterior and a plastic air-tight tube inside. The exterior is there to prevent the tube inside from being damage which would result in the lounger deflating – not great if you are planning on using it for longer periods of time and don’t fancy reinflating it on a regular basis.

The compartments are separated at the ends which makes the inflation a little easier. The open end has two plastic ribs integrated into the construction to assist with keeping the open end, well open, in addition to sealing the compartments. These units are suitable for the beach, poolside lounging and floating in water should your balance be good enough for that. Since it is a little higher than a lie-low, it can tip over as a result of the higher centre of gravity.


Design and Operation:


I have included a YouTube video to visually demonstrate how one inflated these units:

Step 1: remove the lounger from its pouch.

Step 2: roll the lounger out flat and press the plastic ribs flat

Step 3: open the mouth of the tubes using the plastic ribs and inflate by either running or spinning your body to trap as large as possible amount of air in the compartments. If there is a wind blowing then angle the tub with the mouth open towards the wind and it will inflate itself.

Step 4: holding the plastic ribs closed, proceed to roll the ribs along the tube’s length increasing the pressure in the tubes as you roll.

Step 5: When the tubes are at a firm pressure, bend the ribs towards each other and clip in place using the clips attached to the plastic ribs.

Pro Tip: Before “Step 3 : Inflation”, add a little sand to the inside of the tubes, this will stabilize the tubes when sitting or lying on them and will prevent you from easily rolling off the tube. The drawback is that you will not be able to easily run or spin to inflate the tubes if sand is in the tubes.


~~Click Here If You Want to Read More About My Adventures~~


Design Variations:


There are various design variations ranging from the very basic to the complex and superior quality ones. I was unsure of this product and how much we would use it in the future, so I did not opt for the most expensive one on offer. The most basic unit is made of a nylon casing intended to protect the tube inside and is just 2 inflated tubes joined in the middle. If you are unsure if this product is for you, it is not an expensive product and you can always upgrade afterwards.

The more expensive ones had improved materials used in the manufacturing process. More robust canvas or nylon is available which are less susceptible to perforation or damage to the plastic inner tubes. One feature which I was sorry we did not opt for was the head rest. The head rest does add a little to the price but is a great addition should you be planning on reading for longer periods and need that extra bit of comfort.

In addition to this, some models offer pouches for items such as Kindle’s, mobile phones etc. and these do come in handy as they keep things out of the sand and organized at the beach. Just remember to remove these items should you take the lounger to the water.




The units are all produced to the same general dimensions which is approx. 270cm x 70cm when inflated. When deflated, these units can be rolled up and stored in a nylon pouch which is approx 30cm x 15cm. The weight will vary according to the materials used and design features but generally weigh under 2 kg when deflated.

Is it for You?

I have personally been convinced that this lounger is well worth the effort to take it with on holiday. Its versatile and can be used in a number of settings while not being too cumbersome to take with or too heavy to cause issues with luggage planning.

I do suggest that you purchase one before going on your vacation as we saw an enormous cost variation for the same loungers. Apart from the cost variations, there is no guaranteed availability at all destinations so having one before you go will prevent disappointment should there be none available upon arrival.

Pro Tip: If you buy the inflatable loungers, you will never be left pool side at your resort of choice with no lounger or that all the premium placed ones are already taken. If you want to know what I mean, have a look at how the Germans are on Holiday…..





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14 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Hello Richard,

    Thanks for the tips…the lounger tip. I laugh right along with you. I, too, have wondered about those things, now I guess you know. Your article has certainly proved to be a  source of motivation for me. I will be looking into getting one indeed.

    In terms of weight and portability, did you find it cumbersome? Does it take up much space in your vacation packing space? Space is a premium on any trip – business or pleasure. I know you said it will weigh about 2kgs when deflated, but how did it work for you when it came to ‘packing’ if for your trip…did you have to carry it separately? I don’t like too many bags.

    Thanks again and enjoy.


    • Richard says:

      Hello Michelle,

      I packed the lounger straight into my check luggage without any hassles. The lounger comes with a separate pouch to stop it from being damaged or unraveling itself when it is not in use. It is small enough to place in your cabin luggage too but this isn’t really necessary when you have a check bag. 

      I like you value the packing space and weight and do not like adding unnecessary items to my list and what I can say about these products is firstly they are very much worth taking with and secondly, they do not take up much space and/or weight so this will not need to be taken separately.

      I hope this answers your questions and should you want to know anything more about the product, let me know.


  2. Stefan says:

    These inflatable beach loungers look quite comfortable. I’d love to see some more pics.

    There is no link to where I can buy one so I will have to come back for more at a later occasion.

    Are these loungers also usable in the water? I’m sure if I get one and go to the beach, first thing my kids want is to take it to play in the water.

    • Richard says:

      Hello Stefan,

      I have added some links to the bottom should you be interested in having a look and purchasing one of these for your next trip. Here is also a link: should you be looking for a shorter one.

      You can use these in water as the tubes inside are both air and water tight. They are pretty robust so I do not foresee any major problems with kids playing with them in the water. 

      These are perfect for the beach so I hope this solves some of your questions about the product.


  3. Shubhangi says:

    Hey Richard,

    Inflatable Beach Loungers seems to be a nice addition in a kit who loves on beach.  You have written a very nice review of the inflatable beach loungers, but you have not mentioned the price and where is it available?

    the another point is about the weight of this product, you mentioned it approximately around 2 kg, so will it be difficult to carry around?


    • Richard says:

      Hello Shubhangi,

      I have added some links to the bottom of the article should you be interested in purchasing one of these products. They are not expensive and if you are looking for a quicker link, this one will take you straight there :

      The maximum weight is under 2kg if you take really expensive ones with all the frills. The one I have is just over 1 kg and is the most basic of units that works just fine for my needs. They are not difficult to take with and easily fit into a backpack without taking up much space or putting excessive strain on the user.

      For the effort it takes to bring it with you, this to me is real value for money.


  4. Ana says:

    Hello Richard, This is amazing the video is awesome as it shows how easy is to set it up and how easy is to roll it for storage. I can almost use it on my backyard for a relaxing afternoon. I think is a neat product. Thank you for sharing. I love going to the beach, and the sand can be a problem if trying to stay out of it. This would also be a perfect gift for friends and family.

    Thanks again for a great tip for travelers.

    • admin says:

      Hello Ana,

      Yes you could use this in your back yard as well. Just about anywhere you can think of where you wish to lounge about, this product is perfect.

      I am glad that you found the product useful and should you have any questions about the product then please do not hesitate to drop me a note.


  5. Evald says:

    Hello there Richard,

    as a person who simply loves beaches, sunny weather and just laying around the whole day sunbathing, I am always on the look for new ways to improve the quality of my relaxation. I am very glad that I have stumbled across Your article which presented me a potentially very cool and exciting addition to my holiday trips. It would be awesome to have inflatable beach lounger because of its portability, comfort and design. 

    I can literally have it with me everywhere on the go while looking all classy & sassy. Not to mention that it looks super comfortable just judging from the picture. I can only imagine what a joy & satisfaction I would get from just laying around in it in a beautiful weather with a light breeze and cocktail in my hand! Thanks for an awesome article and keep up the good work Richard 😉 !

    • Richard says:

      Hello Evald,

      I like you am always on the lookout for things that improve the holiday experience without breaking my bank account. I have added some links to the post should you be looking for a place to purchase the lounger.

      Thanks for leaving me a comment with a personal touch.


  6. Florence says:

    This is an innovative product,I like the thought of using these inflatable beach loungers so much because I hate sitting down on sand at the beach ,I am terrified of bugs and little crawlies that can be found in these environments ,therefore I am definitely sold out on these loungers. My question is on inflating the lounger,can a lady manage to inflate it without help? seems like quite some effort is needed from what I see in the video.

    • Richard says:

      Hello Florence,

      There is really no effort required at all. The loungers are easily inflated and should there be a slight breeze then it makes it a whole lot easier to inflate. The main focus is to trap a body of air in the tube, the less air in the tube, the more you need to roll it to get the pressure to an acceptable amount but this also makes it smaller. 

      They are really light so there should not be any problems using it. If you are concerned, purchase a cheaper one to test with the idea to upgrade should you wish to.


  7. Kent says:

    These inflatable beach loungers seem to be pretty inexpensive on Amazon and they’re quite handy not just for beaches but also for lakes, camping, backyard, I’d love to even have one at home.

    My wife and I go camping a lot and this will be very good for laying under the stars at night. Thank you for writing this great product review, these inflatable beach loungers are at the top of my list. Is there any particular brand you’d recommend?

    • Richard says:

      Hello Kent,

      These will be perfect for your camping trips just keep them away from the camp fire or you might find a hole or two in the tubing. 

      I personally went for the product from Anglink ( as it was not the cheapest but definitely not the most expensive. I can recommend this product as it suited my needs at the time and also provided me a low cost entry level product with which I could test the suitability to my lifestyle and needs.

      If you have any further questions about the product then let me know.


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