JBL Reflect Mini 2 BT Sports Earphones

JBL Reflect Mini 2 Blue Tooth Sports EarphonesProduct Manufacturer: JBL USA

Description: Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Product Range: Reflect Mini 2

Cost: $77

Quality Rating: 4/5

Value For Money: 4/5


There are many good brands on the market that will provide some amazing audio products but not all of them in my opinion are worth investing in. The question is always about needs vs wants and what your budget will allow. I have long been a fan of the JBL brand as they consistently deliver on a good quality product without breaking the bank.

The JBL Reflect Mini 2 is no exception to the rule and JB has not disappointed in their latest offering which is and upgrade on the JBL Reflect Mini Bluetooth in-Ear Sport Headphones($59). The original Reflect Mini delivered solid sound quality combining light weight design and comfortable ear pieces to offer users a good product that lasts.

As with all tech, the Reflect Mini 2 was released as an upgrade on the already successful original earphones. I purchased a pair to provide you, the reader, an honest review of the product as both travel and sports product.


Overall Impression


In my opinion, this product is not an enormous improvement on the Reflect Mini 1 which was already a good product. There might be some subtle differences in the quality of the sound but this is not so discernible to the untrained ear such as mine.

While this product might not be in the same category as some of the heavy weights such as Sennheiser, Bose or Bang & Olufsen, the JBL is however 40 % cheaper than those products while still delivering great performance and durability.

While this product is not specifically aimed at the travel market, I found some of the features such as noise reduction and good user/ product interface positive points when using them either while travelling or at your destination.


Battery Life


There has been a slight improvement on the Reflect Mini 1 in terms of battery life. The original had really good endurance with mine having around 8 – 9 hour endurance depending on the amount of control functions are being activated during that period. This places my results within a reasonable range of the maximum theoretical endurance of 10 hours which was published by the manufacturer. It is obvious that the more you use the controller or the louder one plays music that this negatively affects battery endurance.

When the battery levels become depleted, a voice alert is issued and one has about 10 minutes from the first alert before the power is completely exhausted. Recharging takes approx. 15 – 20 minutes to reach full charge and is done so using a USB 2.0 Micro B connector to recharge that is provided together with the product.


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Comfort, Ascetics & Sound 


The earphones are manufactured with the sportsman in mind. They are supplied with both the 2 standard size inner ear rubber inserts and in addition to this, one receives 2 sizes of hook grip ear pieces. These are perfect for preventing the earphones from becoming dislodged during sports activities such as running or jumping.

The runner inserts are soft and very comfortable to use with the 2 sizes provided covering most peoples needs. Many people do not think much of the sweat that is generated during a workout and how it affects the earphone electronics but JBL has manufactured the Reflect Mini 2 with built in moisture barriers to protect the electronics from potential sweat damage. This is also a very important consideration when you are travelling in places such as Thailand where scooter usage is a norm and the rain even more so. While these headphones are not waterproof in the sense of water submersion, they do relatively well against rain as they are designed with sports usage in mind.

The cable the connects the earphones to each other has the negative side effect of sometimes sticking to the skin and can pull or dislodge the earphone slightly during sudden movement. The earphones themselves do also stand slightly proud of the ear which does make them quite obvious and might be less desirable for the fashion conscious.

The sound quality is good with the clarity and sharpness being what one would expect from an upper middle range earphone. There is no active noise cancelling feature however the earphones do a great job of isolating ambient noise without the active feature.

The base and treble levels are not locally adjustable. When listening to music that has a large base component, even when turned up to full volume, there is little to no distortion.


Gaming/Call Responsiveness


When playing games on my phone using the BT earphones, I found that there was fraction of a second delay between the phones display and the sound registering in my ears. This was more annoying than a functionality problem and can be likened to watching a film where the sound is that fraction slower than the picture.

Call responsiveness and quality I found to be really good. The microphone unit is located in the same housing where one adjusts the sound and is located closest to the left ear. Answering and ending calls are done using the power button located between the 2 volume buttons.

The bluetooth connectivity is universally accessible to both IOS and Android systems. Range of the bluetooth connectivity is largely dependent on the signal transmission device and the earphones have a typical range of 15 – 20m which decreases should there be any interference between the headphones and transmitter.


Final Thought


While all efforts can be made to make sure one does not run out of power, I have been caught short once or twice where the batteries have been depleted and I no longer had any headphone connectivity. For this reason I always travel with a second standard cable set of earphones should I run out of power.

I have written a review on the Sennheiser Earphones and the Hama Earphone Carry Case should you be interested in these products for your next adventure.


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4 Responses

  1. Sujandar Mahesan says:

    JBL Reflect Mini 2 BT Sports Earphones sounds really amazing. I cannot believe that it is so cheap. For me this is exactly something I was looking for. I love the battery life and I also love the fact that it doesn’t take that much time to recharge. Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

    • Richard says:

      This is a great all rounder product that I use for both sports and travel purposes and I am happy that you have benefited from this review.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.


  2. Zayn Hiew says:

    Hey Richard,

    This is my second pair of JBLs  and is a significant improvement over the original reflect mini but l had before. These head phones have great battery life, great sound for their size, and provide great noise canceling with the way they snuggly fit into your ear. I have had no issues with phone conversations with my pair, as others have indicated.  I wear these in the gym five days a week and listen to both music and audio books on them throughout the day.

    I have no hesitation to recommend this JBL sports Earphones to anyone.

    Best wishes

    • Richard says:

      I agree that noise cancelling is very important and the fit greatly contributes to their ability to isolate ambient noise. Great all-rounder in my opinion.

      Thanks for leaving your personal recommendation.


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