Mpow Camera Tripod Review

Product Manufacturer: MPow

Description: Camera Tripod and Bluetooth Clicker

Product Range: Camera Accessories

Cost: $18

Quality Rating: 4/5

Value For Money: 4/5

Earlier this year I traveled to South Africa and Namibia on holiday together with my wife and her family to experience the African Wilderness in all its magnificence. In addition to this, it gave me the perfect opportunity to test a new accessory I has recently purchased on Amazon.

It has been a common problem throughout my travels that the people I travel with always want copies of the photos I take because the photos are, well, of them. The problem is that the photographer is often missing and even with the development of the selfie stick, this has often its limitations as to what it can be used for and how many people can fit into a photo.

I had been investigating a few different types of tripods that would suit both a mobile phone and an action camera as I did not want to carry two different types of tripods on my travels. I settled on the Mpow tripod and I must honestly say I that I want to kick myself for not having done so sooner.

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Amazon Ratings/Reviews:

MPow Cemera Tripod

It’s always a good idea to triangulate opinions between people to ascertain an unbiased opinion when purchasing accessories online and that’s exactly what I did before I made the final commitment. I read the reviews of people that had purchased this rig and the feedback was fantastic.

Out of 337 reviews, this rig received a 4.5 star rating which is pretty impressive for something so simple yet brilliantly designed. So if my review doesn’t convince you, go check this out and if you do buy it and are not completely convinced that this is a brilliantly designed quality piece of kit for every traveler, then return it and you have your cash back in hand.

Camera Mount:

As mentioned above, one of the criteria was that both the action camera and my mobile phone should be able to be mounted to the same rig. This rig has a standard camera screw(1/4 -20) mount that one can mount a “DSLR”, “Point and Shoot” or an “Action” camera to as these threads are universal for almost all manufacturers. This is a huge plus as, should you like me have various types of cameras, to make a quick swap-out to take that perfect shot, can be done with ease.Mountable Camera Options

The mobile phone mount is a rubberized hook grip which is spring loaded and fully adjustable to fit a standard phone or the Plus sizes all in one mounting(5.6 – 8.6cm). In addition to this, there is a bayonet connector that is screwed into the above mentioned screw mounting which connects the hook grip to the main mount. The bayonet system allows you to remove the phone from the main mounting to adjust settings, apply filters and/or check the quality of the photos taken without having to remove the entire mounting from the position it was set up in.

While this is a really great feature for quick release, this is the only negative comment I can say about this product and that is, this is a possible weak point in the rig. While the design is solid, problems might develop after repeated use and by that I mean, 100’s of uses and this will not develop over a short time span.

Rig Mount:

This rig has 3 soft sponge rubberized legs with firm rubber end caps that are joined to the plastic connector between the main rig and camera mount. The legs measure approx. 250mm in length and are fully independent and flexible in that they can be manipulated into just about any position for a firm mount. This I tested by mounting it on the handle located on the A-Post of the pickup that we rented in Namibia and I can say that with those bump roads, the mounting was thoroughly tested and it stayed where I mounted it.

The firm rubber endcaps stops the mounting from sliding down sloped surfaces such as the hood of a car. Park the car, set the rig on the hood, point and shoot. Easier than this it doesn’t get.

The main connection between the rig and the camera mount is constructed of robust plastic that has a metal lock screw that allows one to adjust the camera to a specific angle and lock it in place for the perfect shot.

Pair & Click:

This is the most impressive feature of the whole rig and it is so simple. It’s a Bluetooth enabled clicker. It operates on a small Clicker Pairingbattery and once turned on; your phone will be able to find it using the Bluetooth function. Once the device is paired, click away as much as you want to capture perfect memories.

I tested the range of this device to about 10m and it still functioned perfectly. Realistically speaking, I’m not sure that the range will be a lot more than this but I think 15m is sufficient to capture moments that one would typically come across.

The Verdict:

In all honesty, I don’t know how I managed before I bought this simple yet indispensable tool. It makes “being part of” the travel group so much easier and opens a wide range of possibilities for that perfect picture to be made.

These rigs are not expensive to start ($18) with so this is not a commitment that one should fear if it only used during your travels.

I am very fortunate to have a mixed bag of friends all over the world so doing video calls is a weekly activity. I use this rig to position my phone on my desk at home so my arm doesn’t go lame while on a call from holding it in a static position for extended periods.

Overall a solid unit that I will never go in the future without and should you have any questions about the unit, drop me a message in the comments section below and I will be happy to respond.

Augrabies Falls, RSA

Augrabies Falls, Republic of South Africa, April 2018

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4 Responses

  1. Alexander says:

    I like that Bluetooth clicker – that’s a real nice included feature to this tripod.

    The flexible legs look like genius to get your camera positioned just right.

    I really like taking pictures of people and this tripod idea would make it so I can be included in the shot.


    • Richard says:

      Hi Alex,

      I thought to myself when writing this article that this feature is a little like adding wheels to luggage….why didn’t we think of the this sooner. 

      The flexible legs are easily manipulated and the rubberizing minimizes slip which helps a lot when there are vibrations or movement of the mounting surface as is the case for action camera related photography.

      These are really affordable units that everyone that wants to be included in photos needs to own.

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. HappyB says:

    This is like something you never realised you needed until you used it and then cannot imagine how you ever did without it. We have family in places like China and Japan and visiting them means colossal numbers of photos.
    Tried the selfie sticks and just got fed up carting them round. This little gizmo looks the bees knees.
    Of course, these days smart phones are as good as cameras so a squidgy camera tripod really suits me. When at home I love using a digital camera so I think you have hit on a winner here.
    Thanks for the review.

    • Richard says:

      Hey there HappyB,

      Thanks so much for the comment. In my opinion this is a solid winner and if you have one of these units, it will improve your life immensely. I’m glad you enjoyed the review and check back regularly for further article.


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